name: Irpa fra Holmahjaleigu

                                                                                                     year of birth: 1989

                                                                                                   gender: mare

                                                                                                                 colour: bay, star            


  • name: Irpa fra Holmahjaleigu
  • year of birth: v. 1989
  • gender: mare
  • colour: bay, star



  • name: Jöra fra Skiobakka III
  • year of birth: v. 1991
  • gender: mare
  • colour: chestnut, star





  • name: Vera fra Sahala
  • date of birth: 22.5.1997
  • gender: mare
  • colour: black




  • name: Hrimnir fra Sahala
  • date of birth: 17.6.1997
  • gender: gelding
  • colour: gray

Our playful "singer" can steal your heart easly. A friendly guy who loves speed and keeps up with the rest of the horses. As said ealier, he is very frisky.



  • name: Irpa fra Sahala
  • date of birth: 24.6.1997
  • gender: mare
  • colour: chestnut, stripe

Irmeli is the "guy" and the leader of this herd. She is very curious and loves challenges, sometimes in her own world, finding her own ways on the riding tours.



  • name: Trana frá Nevala
  • date of birth: 2008
  • gender: mare
  • colour: pale black
Trana is the black beauty who is the guide´s horse on the trips. She has big, clear and comfortable gaits. Trana has a sweet, curious and brave nature.


  • name: Ros frá Nevala
  • date of birth: 2011
  • gender: mare
  • colour: blue dun

Rossi is a playful mare. She is constantly interested in people and likes to take part in everything.






  • name: Garpur frá Minnuborg
  • date of birth: 16.6.2012
  • gender: gelding
  • colour: grey





  • name: Mergur frá Alfahlid
  • date of birth: 25.7.2012
  • gender: gelding
  • colour: bay






  • name: Mestur frá Alfahlid
  • date of birth: 20.7.2012
  • gender: gelding
  • colour: brownish black





  • name: Tysvaer Allan 
  • date of birth: 2007
  • gender: gelding
  • Colour: black

  • Allu 'Black Beauty* is our handsome Norwegian coldblood trotter (grandson of famous Järvsöfaks). Now he is bravely leading the Icelandics on their treks or pulling the sleigh.






                                                                                   Baron (paroni)

                                                                                   - calm gelding
                                                                        - loves to work & likes to canter
                                                        - little stubborn sometimes and he loves green grass




                                                              Hetta (hattu, hat, cap)

                                                                   - sensitive mare
                                              - offers very nice tölt, which is her strongest gait

                                                                   - very cute





                                                   Keila (vuoren nimi, the name of a mountain)

                                                            - Keila is used as a guiding horse
                                                                        - cheerful little mare
                                                                              - likes to tölt





                                                                                               - young and sensitive mare
                                                                                                   - likes to canter & tölt
                                                                                             - slower gaits than the others





                                                                          Stjarni (tähti, star)

                                                 - big and strong gelding who keeps the herd together
                                                  - very nice gaits and a lovely tölt when being ridden




                                                                                    Silfurskotta (Toukka)

                                                      - Toukka is a very cute, curious and brave mare
                                                                    - lovely canter, slower tölt
                                                                      - good for beginners