Information about our stable

It does not matter if you are experienced or a beginner rider; we welcome you to come and meet our lovely Icelandic horses, get familiar with riding and see the amazing Lappish landscape from horseback. There is no better way to enjoy your holiday in Levi. Before you book your trek we recommend you to read through the following instructions. 


All our riding treks are guided by an experienced guide. Before getting on horseback we will go through the necessary safety information and you will also be advised during the trek. Out on the trek our pace depends on the experience and wishes of all of our guests. We will mostly be in easy walk, try comfortable tölt and move on to a faster trot. Depending on the group we might even try some canter. In the winter the horses form a walking path in the deeper snow. We can try the faster gaits on the more established tracks.

For children joining the treks the minimum age limits is 12 years old. We do accept younger experienced riders who can show the guide that they can safely control a horse in all the normal gaits: walk, trot and canter. We are also able to offer leading for smaller children by prior arrangement.

It is important to remember that the pace of trek depends on the experience of the guests. We kindly ask you to tell us honestly your earlier experience on horseback and also the experience of all riders in your party, so we can choose the right horses for everyone. Experienced rider can control the horse confidently in all the normal gaits so also in faster canter. This way you will get the most out of your riding trip.

If your party would like to go riding together and you have both beginners and more experienced riders in your group, we will move on the trek on at a safe speed for everyone. If you are very experienced and would like to join a faster trek, please let us know this when booking.  


Our horses are calm, kind and suitable to be used with guests. The guide will choose a horse for everyone after asking about the previous experience. It is good to remember though that horses are animals which react according to their instincts. Around our horses we ask you to behave nice and calmly, loud noises, shouting and whistling on horseback can make the horses nervous. Remember to listen to the guides during the trek and follow their advice. We will take good care of you even though you might feel a bit anxious. It is not a problem at all if you are feeling shy or are for the first time around horses. Anyhow, we do not recommend horseback riding if you have extreme fear for horses. In this case it would be better to familiarize yourself with our sweet natured Icelandic horses on ground. The maximum weight limit for our horses is 90-100 kg. 

We promise to do everything so that your riding trek will be safe and the risks minimized. In spite of this mishaps can happen when we are close to big animals. The horse might step on your foot by accident or your knee/leg might hit a tree while out riding. Our stable has liability insurance but we highly recommend you to make check your own accident/ travel insurance. We also ask that you advise us of any known medical conditions that may affect. Our guides are nice people but do not like nasty surprises whilst out on the trek J. We also ask that you carry your own medication with you at all times whilst on the trek. 


We provide you with a compulsory safety helmet, balaclava, overall, boots and gloves. In the winter before coming to the stables have a close look of the thermometer and bring plenty of warm clothes with you. We will mostly be walking and the horses will be keeping themselves warm. But you will mainly be sat still so you may get colder quicker than normal. It is much better to be too warm than too cold. You are welcome to use your own winter clothing as long as it is comfortable and flexible. Please note that your white trousers might not be white after being around horses J. We will not be held responsible for dirty or broken clothing.


We operate treks 12 months of the year. During the winter months we will not operate treks when the outside temperature drops below -25 Celsius degrees . Lapin Saaga and its guides reserve the right to cancel or cut short any treks due to poor weather conditions. Our guides are constantly working in the outdoors and can start to notice the affects of the cold before you or your children are able to.  We ask that you are respectful of your guides’ decisions when operating in the extreme cold.  


Our stables are located at Kaarelantie, only 2 km from the centre of Levi towards the north, Muonio. After the big bridge that crosses river Levijoki turn to right onto Kaarelantie. Lapin Saaga is the first yard on the left hand side, normally with horses in the yard J. Dont be scared of Turo our dog he is part of the family and is a big softy at heart.

We will happily accept cash, Finnish bankcards, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron and Smartum-notes. The closest ATMs are by Levi S-market and hotel & spa Levitunturi.

We also sell gift cards for 2 hour riding treks. Gift cards are valid for 1 year.  


We welcome you to Lapin Saaga and the lovely Icelandic horses, we are looking forward to seeing you soon!  



                                                                                   Cancellation terms:

  • 7 days before booked trek: changes are possible
  • 3—6 days before booked trek: on cancellation we charge 10 % of the trek price per person
  • Less than 2 days before booked trek: on cancellation or changes in group size we charge 100 % of the trek price per person

We have the right to change the prices and we may cancel the trek on force majeure, in which case we refund total price paid.